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You will be reading about a person who has achieved success in their life. When you read about real people you are reading a BIOGRAPHY. Biographies contain facts and are considered non fiction.

Academy of Achievement

Browse the site linked above to select a person who has achieved success in one of the listed categories.

Click on the Keys to Success tab at the top, then select My Role Model on the left hand side to choose a person with dreams and challenges that are similar to yours.

Download the organizers below for your note-taking:

Open the Characteristics of an Achieving Person to help you identify character traits:

Use this template to create your Farcebook

Open the file and save it to your G drive if at school, or to another file at home, then each time you work on it be sure to save the changes. (This is a Publisher file)

This is an example of a Farcebook about Amelia Earhart