Espe13703791.jpgranza Rising was written by Pam Munoz Ryan, she wrote this story based on what she heard about her grandmother, Esperanza Ortega Munoz. This story is set in the early 1930's, twenty years after the Mexican Revolution and during the Great Depression.

During the Mexican Revolution the peasants or poor Mexicans, fought against the rich landowners who had taken away land from the peasants or poor farm owners. Emiliano Zapapta and Pancho Villa were two revolutionary leaders who worked together to give land back to the peasants.
In the story Esperanza is a privileged young child living on a large ranch in Mexico. Many of the Mexicans at that time were unhappy about the rich landowners and the large gap between the lives of the rich and the poor. There were bandits who would attack and raid the large landowners. Even though Esperanza's family was generous and had given land to the field workers, there were many who resented all the rich land owners and the large divide between the rich and the poor.
Many Mexicans who could not find work began to immigrate to the Unites States where they often became migrant farm workers in California.
  • Look at the PBS Interactive timeline (1910) to get background on the Revolution and Mexican immigration. (1924 and 1942)
Interactive timeline
The story is set on a large ranch in Aguascalientes, Mexico and in migrant labor camps near Arvin, California.
(look above Guadalajara) (Arvin is near Bakersfield, look above the red label for California.)
  1. Label your blank map with the 2 places mentioned above.
  2. Using Time and find the distance in miles that Esperanza and her family had to travel. (Use Bakersfield, CA instead of Arvin.)
  3. Write your answer at the bottom of the map page.

  • Esperanza and her family became farm laborers in California. They faced great hardship, and dangers. There were many health concerns due to the overcrowded living conditions, poor sanitation, poor nutrition, lack of medical resources, exposure to agricultural chemicals and pesticides, being ourt in the sun, and other heat related sicknessess.
One illness that is experienced in the novel is Valley Fever, read more about it from the hyperlink.

This work document is a copy of a sign showing the symptoms of pesticide poisoning.
  • On the back side of your paper give 4-5 symptoms of Valley Fever and 4-5 symptoms of pesticide poisoning