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Book Trailers

Mystery - stories that involve solving an event or situation, something unknown, solving a crime; centered around a person or persons who investigate wrongdoing

Death Cloud by Andy Lane

Hunt for the Seventh
by Christine Norton Shaw

Fantasy - stories that contain elements that are not realistic; things like talking animals, magical powers, possibly involving mythical beings, may involve time travel

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Warriors: Into the Wild
by Erin Hunter

Science Fiction - stories that often tell about science and technology of the future, settings are in the future, in space, on a different world, in a different universe or dimension

Shipbreaker by
Paolo Bacgalupi

Maze Runner by
James Dashner
Historical Fiction - stories that are centered around the basis of a partially historical situation, is set in a historical period, contains real facts about people or events of the past

Number the Stars
by Lois Lowry

Ruby Red by
Kerstin Gier

Realistic Fiction - stories that take place in modern times, characters are involved in events that could happen

Dead End in Norvelt
by Jack Gantos

The Magician's Elephant
by Kate DiCamillo