In groups of 4 you will be evaluating some Web pages. Each of you will be looking at the pages from a different perspective and then completing the 2 forms linked below.. You will also be ranking and comparing these sites for further discussion with the rest of the class.
Divide your group into one of the 4 specialties below and study the Web pages from that perspective.

To find your Web pages open the Word doc. You can minimize the page and work from it and these critera.
1. Content specialist:
  • Does the site cover the topic comprehensively? Accurately?
  • Can you understand what is being said? Is it written above or below your level of understanding?
  • What is unique about this site? Does it offer something others do not?
  • Are the links well-chosen? sufficient?
  • Currency: Can you tell: the date the information was created? the publication date? the date the material was last revised? Are these dates meaningful in terms of the subject matter?
  • Would you get better information in a book? an encyclopedia?
Would you include this site in your bibliography?
2. Authority/Credibility specialist:
  • Who is responsible for this site? Who sponsors it? Hint: truncate each section of the URL back until you are able to find the sponsor.
  • What are his/her credentials?
  • Have the authors of the site cited their own sources? Are the sources documented appropriately?
  • What is the domain name? Does it end in .com, .gov, .edu, .org, .net? Is it a personal page?
  • Would you include this site in your bibliography?
3. Bias/purpose specialist:
  • Why was this site created? (to persuade, inform, explain, sell, promote, parody, other?)
  • Is it a personal, commercial, government or organization site?
  • Is there any bias? Is only one side of the argument presented? Does it appear that any information is purposely omitted? Is there a hidden message? Is it trying to persuade you or change your opinion? Is the bias useful to you in some way?
  • Can you distinguish facts from opinion?
  • Would you include this site in your bibliography?
4. Usability/design specialist
  • Is the site easy to navigate (user-friendly)?
  • Is there a well-labeled contents area?
  • Do all the design elements (graphics, art, buttons, etc.) enhance the message of the site? Is there consistency in the basic formats of each page?
  • Are there any errors in spelling or grammar?
  • Do the pages appear clean, uncluttered?
  • Do the links on the site work?
  • Would you include this site in your bibliography
Evaluating Web Sites – Joyce Valenza